Rollie Derby City Circle Marble Metallic Leather

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With punchy detailing to keep cool on warm days and for showing off your fave socks, the Derby City Circle is the perfect summery shoe that takes the Derby you love and takes it to new heights. Like all Rollie shoes, the Derby City Punch is comfy and light, the perfect shoe for all day wear.


  • Soft metallic leather upper that moulds to your foot from first wear
  • 4cm foam rubber heel
  • A durable, super lightweight, cushioning and flexible rubber outsole allows for subtle movements in your stride without risk rolling ankles
  • Breathable leather and canvas lining keep your feet cool and fresh. You don't even need to wear socks!
  • Foot-hugging internal ballerina elastic to keep your foot from slipping inside your shoe
  • German engineered flexi heel and toe counters mean no more ‘breaking-in' time
  • Trade Mark Rollie tread
  • Removable insole so you can pop your orthotics in

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